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The team at Cherry Digital were appointed by Innovet Pet, primarily to boost organic SEO backlinks and generate valuable media coverage across the nation, and also to raise awareness of the new and alternative products available for pets. Via multiple successful campaigns for the holistic pet product brand, we achieved coverage through a number of high authority news pages, including People Magazine, LA Times, FOX San Antonio, NBC15, Yahoo and The Columbian.

Investing in a strong pet product digital marketing strategy is useful for pet businesses and pet product companies because unlike paid advertising (which can lose steam once you stop paying for it), SEO and organic link gains can have a long-lasting impact on a brand. Google’s algorithm is arranged so that it favors content supported by authoritative sources, such as news pages or expert knowledge sites. The acronym ‘E.A.T’ represents the words: expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness – this is indicated in Google’s search quality guidelines to help marketing professionals and businesses looking to improve brand’s SEO ranking and overall awareness.

You might wonder what the best way is to judge the quality of a webpage online. How do you know whether or not the content is trustworthy, reliable or factual? A good way to assess a webpage’s quality and authority is through a measure of its domain authority – or DA. This measurement essentially emphasizes the source’s quality, rather than quantity. Therefore, if it is high up on search engine rankings, it is a good way to see the kind of information favored by Google.

Of course, gaining backlinks for pet products is the primary aim of any digital marketing strategy. For Innovet Pet, it was important to make sure the links gained were organic, as well as through strong authoritative sources. When shared through these kinds of sources, a link is kind of like giving the brand a thumbs up from another, which is a great way to validate your business.

For each campaign for Innovet Pet, the team created a complementary press release to illustrate the data collected, as well as Innovet Pet’s positive brand message about holistic pet care. For this reason, many pet press releases also featured tips and tricks provided by Innovet Pet on how to best care for your pet in different circumstances. Including informative knowledge or advice into your field of expertise is a good way to make sure the content shared by your brand is of high quality and useful to readers. There is nothing worse than a press release with no real informative value!


Here Comes Santa Paws

For this campaign, a survey was conducted on how many people spent more on their pets than their partners over the holiday season.

Bark, the herald angels sing! This press release covered the results of the above survey of 2,500 pet owners across America, which discovered that nearly a third of pet owners (31%) admit to spending more on their pooch than their partner over Christmas. When the results were broken down, North Dakota had the highest percentage of pet owners who spend more on their pets than partner (68%), while Massacahusetts had the lowest figure (6%). The press release also features an interactive slideshow of do’s and don’t’s for a pet-friendly Christmas. This was a successful campaign and we achieved coverage across multiple publications, including:

Courier Journal


Khon 2

The Indy Channel


Pet Parenting 101

This involved a study of millennials to find out how many are putting off parenthood to be ‘pet parents’ first.

This press release depicted the attitude towards parenting across America, with a particular focus on those choosing to have a pet rather than have children. The survey of 3,800 Americans revealed that nearly a third (29%) of millennial pet owners admit they are prioritizing their pets over (human) parenthood. The campaign was extremely successful and we achieved online, print and TV coverage in some of the country’s biggest publications, including:

People Magazine



LA Times

The Columbian


CBS Austin

FOX San Antonio

Oregon Live


Paw-some Parenting

A survey was conducted to find out how much in lost earnings pet owners would incur to care for their sick pet.

In the press release for this campaigned, we depicted the results of a survey of 3,800 pet owners, which found that the average American pet owner would take 4 days of unpaid leave to care for a sick pet. That’s the equivalent of nearly a whole working week, and a loss of $404.46 from the average American’s salary. When the results were broken down, it was found that New Hampshirites would take the least number of days off – just 2 (costing themselves just $253.39 of their income) – while Pennsylvanians were more prepared to sacrifice their vacation allowance, with the average respondent saying they would take up to 6 days off, and a $717.89 cut to their salary to look after their animal. These results were depicted in an interactive map infographic, which allowed users to compare these figures across the US.


Pet Poverty

This campaign comprised of a survey to find out how many pet owners struggle to afford taking care of their pets.

This survey of 3,000 pet owners found that nearly a quarter (24%) of American pet owners admit they struggle financially to care for their pet. These results were illustrated in an interactive map infographic depicting the data across each US state. The release also provided some tips on financial planning for a pet. These results were also illustrated in an interactive infographic, allowing readers to compare by state. The campaign was a success and achieved coverage in publications, including KCTV5KY3 and KMOV.


Paws & Pandemics

Humans aren’t the only ones to have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. This campaign involved a guide on how to best care for your pet during these unprecedented times.

For this press release during the pandemic, we depicted the results of a survey of 3,000 people across the US to find out how many would consider getting a new pet during lockdown. We linked this data to information provided by Innovet Pet about the increased number of abandoned pets during the pandemic, due to owners realizing the financial and time commitment required to keep an animal. Again, this campaign was a great success and achieved coverage in news publications including TV coverage on KO AM News Now, and links on KTXS and OKC Fox. This release also included a slideshow on how to best care for your pet during these difficult times.

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