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The team at Cherry Digital were appointed by Innovet Pet, primarily to boost organic SEO backlinks and generate valuable media coverage across the nation, and also to raise awareness of the new and alternative products available for pets. We created a press release that showed the attitude towards parenting across America, with a particular focus on those choosing to have a pet rather than have children. The survey of 3,800 Americans revealed that the average pet owner would take 4 unpaid days off work to care for a sick pet – that’s nearly a whole working week, and the equivalent to a loss of $404.46 from the average American’s salary. When the results were broken down, it was found that New Hampshirites would take the least number of days off – just 2 (costing themselves just $253.39 of their income) – while Pennsylvanians were more prepared to sacrifice their vacation allowance, with the average respondent saying they would take up to 6 days off, and a $717.89 cut to their salary to look after their animal. This was illustrated with an interactive map, allowing readers to compare the results across each state. The campaign was highly successful and we achieved online, print and TV coverage in some of the country’s biggest publications, including People Magazine, Msn, Yahoo, LA Times, The Columbian, NBC15, CBS Austin and FOX San Antonio.

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