Traditional PR techniques with a powerful digital impact.

PR is in our blood, and we care deeply about our content. We were even around in the days when press releases were sent out as hard copies! Fortunately, times have changed and we have grown as an agency and developed ourselves as a seriously digitally savvy agency. We combine traditional PR and marketing techniques with clever modern applications to achieve outstanding results. When we create campaigns, we do so with our clients’ reputations in mind. We don’t just go for short-term hits, but create meaningful campaigns that fit the client’s ethos and have a long-lasting impact.

How is Cherry Digital different to other content marketing and PR agencies?

We only focus on solid, organic media coverage. We don’t do blogs. The majority of agencies out there offer coverage on blogs, influencer sites (again, that’s blogs) and paid media (that includes paying bloggers too). Why do they do this? Put simply, working with paid media such as bloggers means PR agencies have a safety net they can fall back on if their campaigns flunk. We have complete confidence in our campaigns, which means we will only deliver coverage in genuine online and print publications and platforms. All our coverage is earned the hard way.

What is the process?

Individual campaigns typically involve a three-phase process, taking place over 6 weeks:


Phase one


Phase two


Phase three

We create a strongly targeted campaign brief integrating your existing audience data with unique insights of our own.  What we produce in the brainstorming process includes a detailed profile of your audience that shows their interests and approach to online content. Agreeing our key performance indicators (KPI’s) for your campaign, you will be assigned a campaign manager who will update you throughout each process and development. The campaign manager puts a detailed project plan and brief together, then the in-house team will proceed from there.

Working with our team in Cape Town, this is when we create the content for your campaign – this could take several forms such as running surveys (we have a close relationship with a survey company); researching data or creating catchy static and interactive infographics to help illustrate campaigns. Simultaneously, both the team and a unique network of journalists and copywriters put the press release together. Each writer has great experience across a variety of different industries allowing us to perfectly match the campaign to the appropriate journalist. Strongly written press releases mean that the press rarely make any significant changes to suit their online publications.

Using our long-standing relationships with journalist contacts from high authority publications, we’ll develop an outreach strategy that incorporates potential angles, upcoming news hooks, and event-conscious timings. Our reach is huge and we regularly achieve coverage and links in some of the world’s most influential platforms and publications such as the MailOnline, The Telegraph, USA Today, Glamour, Miami Herald, People, Huffington Post and Sky News. Over the years we have developed and crafted an understanding of how, who, when and what content to pitch. This means that unlike other agencies, we do not work from an established list of industry contacts. The importance of your SEO to us means that we carefully craft our outreach strategies to fit your brand and not just pitch to a contact who may have promoted another client the day before.

Are our PR campaigns linked to SEO?

Absolutely! Gaining links from quality external sites (ie. link building), is an important part of every digital campaign we produce, rather than as an afterthought. It allows us to achieve a high level of success for your brand and contributes to your site’s overall search engine optimisation.