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Following the success of the previous campaign for Mattress Clarity, we were tasked to run another campaign the following month. We were keen to get started and full of great campaign ideas. The team came up with a brilliant (albeit challenging) concept. That is, to find out how much tardiness costs the US economy each week. The production team like a challenge, and through data provided by the United States Department of Labor, and conducting a survey of 3,000 US workers, they were able to identify how much sleeping through the snooze alarm costs the economy. The answer was a staggering $11 billion per year! This data was divided up between states and illustrated in an interactive map of the US which you can see here. As with each campaign we run, the campaign went viral with multiple national and regional pickups. The included backlinks from online publications with seriously high domain authorities such as CBS and App.com. The campaign also picked up a fair bit of TV coverage! We have included some of the coverage below – please click on a publication logo to see the story.

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