Funky Chunky – Official State Treats

Purveyors of gourmet sweet & savory snacks, Funky Chunky, appointed the team at Cherry Digital to help increase brand awareness and generate press coverage for the brand nationwide.

Security Baron – Safest Cities

The team at Cherry Digital were approached by Security Baron to generate press coverage across the nation and boost organic links, increasing brand awareness. The brand provides research into and information about the best home security options and smart home automations.

Innovet Pet Case Study

The Cherry Digital team were appointed by Innovet Pet, primarily to boost organic links and generate press coverage across the nation, and also raise awareness of the alternative treatments available for pets.

The World Branding Forum Awards 2018

The team at Cherry Digital are proud to say we were appointed by The World Branding Forum to represent the PR for the prestigious World Branding Awards, which took place in October 2018 at Kensington Palace. The campaign achieved significant coverage across a variety of publications.

Windows USA Case Study

Windows USA tasked Cherry Digital to run an SEO-led PR campaign across the country. The main aim of the project was to generate backlinks to their site, for Google’s rankings. The latest campaign for the brand involved a survey on how generous neighbors are across America.

Security Baron – Social Media

Home security review site Security Baron approached Cherry Digital to put together a competitive campaign that would achieve great coverage across the US and boost their SEO rankings. We came up with an idea and conducted a survey to find out just how much Americans value their social media data – that is, how much they would sell it for, if someone offered to buy it. We achieved coverage in publications such as MSN, CNBC, and Yahoo, and featured on FOX Business TV.

Weight Loss Resources

Weight Loss Resources approached Cherry Digital to come up with an eye catching campaign that would set them apart in the competitive market. We came up with a successful idea that looked at the health benefits of food scraps, and achieved widespread PR coverage in newspapers, and health and lifestyle magazines, including features in Huffington Post, The MailOnline, The Times and The Metro.

ShieldCo – Political Yard Signs

Our catchy campaign for ShieldCo focused on the elections and how Americans think about yard signs, and in particular, thier neighbors’ signs...


Dating site approached Cherry Digital to launch their service in the USA with a bang! We came up with a successful and achievable survey idea which we undertook from start to finish with an innovate PR and SEO campaign, and achieved widespread PR coverage in national, regional and online press, including features in TIME, New York Post, Glamour, MSN and the Washington Post.

Suzanne Neville

We launched an extensive PR campaign for bridal brand Suzanne Neville. It focused on both bridal and non- bridal print publications, online media and TV. The idea was to not only maximize their coverage within the bridal press but also find ways and means of gaining national coverage within the general fashion press in order to gain wider brand recognition.

Spiral UK Case Study

Street style accessories brand Spiral UK engaged Cherry Digital as their fashion PR agency to launch the Spiral products to the UK press. Coverage was achieved in multiple high circulation national publications, and the bags were worn by the biggest hitters on Instagram, YouTube, and celebrities such as Cara Delevingne who wore her Spiral to the Burning Man Festival.

Mattress Clarity – Cost To The Economy

Following the success of the previous campaign for Mattress Clarity, we were tasked to run another campaign the following month. The team came up with a concept to find out how much tardiness costs the US economy each week.

Mattress Clarity – Amicable Couples

Mattress Clarity tasked Cherry Digital to run an SEO-led PR campaign across the country. The main aim of the project was to generate backlinks to their site, for Google’s rankings. The latest campaign for the brand involved a survey on how 'amicable' couples are across the states.

FOOD BOX HQ Case Study

Digital agency Digitalux tasked us with running a campaign for their own food box review brand, Food Box HQ. They wanted us to create a food-related campaign that spread awareness of their service and boost their SEO. We came up with catchy campaign that tapped into one of the biggest food trends in the past couple of years: veganism.

Scruffy Dog Ltd

Scruffy Dog Ltd are a leading global creative service for experiences, TV and Film, specialising in set design for some of the UK’s leading music festivals. We were asked to create compelling content to enhance their SEO so we put together an infographic to illustrate the % increases in both ticket prices and acts for each UK music festival.

LMA Clinic Case Study

Harley Street-based, LMA Clinic, were looking for a public relations celebrity specialist, as they wanted to expand their brand awareness online through a celebrity endorsement led campaign.

TrueView Case Study

British dating app, TrueView, challenged us to come up with a campaign that helped differentiate itself to other, shall we say, more shallow dating apps. We partnered up with OnePoll and Don’tPanic to shine a light on today’s online dating scene, revealing its murky side.

My Credit Monitor

MyCreditMonitor helps UK consumers view, improve and monitor their credit rating. They approached us to handle their financial services PR, and run a content marketing campaign. We created an interactive online quiz which readers could use to test how credit savvy they were.

Sleepopolis – Most Miserable Day

We ran a campaign for Sleepopolis to increase overall brand awareness and boost the sites SEO with backlinks. Our brilliant network of brainstormers came up with a catchy campaign idea; ‘America’s Most Miserable Day’- that is, a combination of statistically the coldest and darkest day of the year. The press loved the concept and over 50 online publications featured and linked to the story.