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ShieldCo challenged our team of experts to come up with a campaign that will help their company stand out from other competitors in the market, and boost their Google rankings and SEO.  Our catchy campaign focused on the elections and how Americans think about yard signs, and in particular, their neighbors’ signs… Quite shockingly, ShieldCo’s survey revealed that 30.4% of Americans – nearly 1 in 3 – would be irritated if their neighbour put up a political yard sign. Interestingly, out of all 50 states, it is Californians who have the biggest issue with yard signs, with a huge 49% saying they would be irritated if a neighbor erected one. The results of the survey were presented in an interactive infographic map of the US, which you can see below. The campaign was highly successful – press coverage for ShieldCo went national and was picked up by publications such as the USA Today, Knox News, Commercial Appeal and Trib Live. We have included some of the coverage below – please click on a publication logo below to see the full story. Check out this testimonial from Luke Markey at ShieldCo: “We’ve loved working with Andrew and his team to help us strengthen our brand and website.”

Interactive Infographic

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