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The good people of JAKK Media LLC loved the previous campaigns we ran for them, so they asked us to run another campaign for mattress review site Sleepopolis. Our brief was two-fold: to increase overall brand awareness on a national scale and boost the site’s SEO via backlinks. We delivered both in bucket loads. Our brilliant network of brainstormers came up with a catchy campaign idea: America’s Most Miserable Day. The task was to identify, in each state, statistically, when the coldest and darkest day of the year is, and therefore find out when is the most miserable day of the year. Our production team trawled through 30 years’ worth of temperature and daylight data to identify these dates, and then the average of both was calculated to reveal the statistically most miserable day in each state, (and therefore the day to stay in bed!). We illustrated this with an interactive infographic (below). The press loved the concept and over 50 online publications featured the story. They also linked back to Sleepopolis’ website which meant a massive boost to the site’s SEO ranking. Moreover, the campaign pushed 21,000 unique visitors to the Sleepopolis website. The client was happy, the media were happy, readers were happy and therefore we were happy! We have included some of the coverage below – please click on a publication logo to see the story.

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