What’s the difference between digital PR and content marketing?

The way in which brands communicate today is very different to how it was a decade ago. It’s unlikely that readers are viewing your site directly via searching for its name, but it’s likely that they are finding it through links or information that you have published elsewhere. Content marketing combines the relationship-building aspect of PR and the focus of marketing to increase brand awareness through online publishers.

How your audience comes to discover this content isn’t by chance – it’s the result of your content creation skills and highly-targeting marketing strategy.

Digital PR and content marketing each have their own pros but together, they are even stronger. The difference between the two is that digital PR involves interaction with your online audience and turning them into ongoing followers of your brand. The main focus is to gain press coverage and mention of your brand in its respective field. On the other hand, content marketing is less focused – it simply includes marketing your unique content and not generating a marketing strategy.

It’s all about who you know…

With regards to networking within your field, this is a phrase you hear often and rings true particularly when dealing with your brand’s PR plan. Maintaining relationships with writers and editors is challenging but also mutually beneficial in terms of public relations. How to build bonds with publishers: Continuously pitch relevant and engaging content – this way, journalists will be more likely to connect with you if you build ongoing bonds.

How to engage your brand with the right people

Note that outright promoting your brand in your content will not produce effective press. This is why some brands find it difficult. Digital PR and content marketing is the ultimate combination for your brand as both aim to create an engaging message for it. Therefore, integrating both plans into your strategy is a good way to boost your name in a populated digital sector.