PR Prime Time: The best time of day (to the minute) to send press releases across each state of America

There is no time like the present to dispatch your pristine new press release. You’ve got the snappy header, quirky content, and relevant contacts. You’re eager to send it out into the universe, hoping for the best possible results, but are you aware of the ideal time to do so?

Cherry Digital, the leading performance based digital public relations agency based in Portland OR, conducted an analysis of 4 years of data to investigate the perfect time to blast off press releases by state – to the absolute minute – in order to ensure the highest possible open rates.

It sounds obvious, but the most important factor to consider when sending out a press release is the location of your time zone and where your recipient is based. The last thing you want is an e-mail going out during your working hours but at 10pm for your recipient!

Avoid pitching on Fridays 

Morning pitches should be sent before 10am for west coast journalists 

Send mail outs to journalists in metropolitan areas later in the week