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Quite shockingly, ShieldCo’s survey revealed that 30.4% of Americans – nearly 1 in 3 – would be irritated if their neighbour put up a political yard sign. Interestingly, out of all 50 states, it is Californians who have the biggest issue with yard signs, with a huge 49% saying they would be irritated if a neighbor erected one. So you may get an earful from a neighbor if you put up a sign in the Golden State! Perhaps this isn’t surpriging – let’s not forget that the state has the world’s most legendary traffic jams, so residents may often find themselves sitting in their cars, crawling along at a snail’s pace, faced with signs they may consider eyesores or offensive. That’s sure to grind a few gears! On the other end of the scale, the state least irritated or phased by political yard signs is Arkansas, as only 5.9% of respondents stated they found them an annoyance. This is quite surprising given that Arkansas’ nickname is “The Natural State” because of its natural beauty, yet a lot of Americans outside of Arkansas believe these unsightly signs litter the landscape. Arkansas, the birthplace of the Clintons, does however have a lot of rules regarding placement, size, and the number of campaign signs allowed on private property, so perhaps there are fewer disputes here – and fewer billboard size, crass cardboard creations! Opinion over whether political yard signs are eyesores or an essential part of a political campaign is more mixed in Maine, which closely followed the national average. ShieldCo’s survey revealed that 30.8% of respondents would be irritated if their neighbor put up a political yard sign, so the majority of Mainers (60.2%), whether Republican or Democrat, must be of the belief that everyone should have the right to express their opinion. ShieldCo have created an interactive infographic map to show the difference in opinion on political yard signs across all 50 states, from the states most infuriated by yard signs, to the most easy going:

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