Why should Digital PR SEO be part of your marketing strategy?

Link building is the process by which you generate links to your website in order to increase its authority. This can drastically improve your search rankings. By comparison, digital PR (public relations) has the ability to generate strong links whilst simultaneous growing brand awareness by increasing recognition of your company’s name.

What is digital PR?

The process of digital public relations involves the creation of quality, unique content and information and pitching it to publishers, who will (hopefully) cite your brand as the source of the text or information. It’s important to create high-quality content, as well as build strong relationships with editors and writers.

Results of digital PR

You will obtain higher quality links, which is great for your brand. Invest in content that publishers are sure to find newsworthy, to increase the number of potential features. Ensure it is new, inventive information that will be valuable to interested audiences. Here are a three things you should consider to accomplish effective pitching:

Create emotional content that is relatable to the publication’s audience.

Do your research on the writer and personalize pitch emails around the type of content they enjoy covering.

Try and offer exclusive pitches if possible – this will also help build strong relationships with writers.

When your digital public relations campaign consists of these elements, it is more likely to gain traction. If you manage to achieve coverage on a high-tier site, links will come organically and spread across numerous other sites, making your job a breeze.

You will gain a greater diversity of links as natural syndication occurs once you secure coverage on top-tier sites. Many of these sites have networks that subsequently obtain stories that major publishers post, meaning you will gain links you don’t really have to work for. All links have value but most brands seek to obtain dofollow links.

You will generate more brand mentions, which are valuable in creating conversation around your brand, even if they don’t involve links. It’s still a brand mention, so readers of the article will view your company’s name, which creates increased awareness.

You will build increased long-term authority for your brand if you pitch great content in the form of ongoing authority. You will be better positioned within your field if you do this.

Digital PR allows your brand to obtain high-quality coverage, multiple valuable backlinks and name mentions. It can improve your search rankings and SEO and include your brand in relevant conversations within your industry.