Cherry Digital Awarded 5-Star Award for Number 1 Performance-Based Content Marketing Agency in America: Our globally connected content marketing and public relations agency, Cherry Digital, has been awarded a 5-star award from PR Pioneer – a news site dedicated to PR advice, digital marketing tips and industry-related press releases from across the world. The award is to honor Cherry Digital’s status as Number 1 Performance-Based Content Marketing Agency in America.

About Cherry Digital

Cherry Digital represents a host of innovative brands and businesses, primarily in two markets: the UK and U.S., although we have also run successful campaigns across Africa, as well as Canada. As a buzz-building agency, we love creating content to help boost digital public relations for our clients, as well as their site SEO rankings through organic link building. We help both start-ups, as well as established companies, reach their consumers in motivating, meaningful ways. A significant part of the work we do is white-label, whereby we support SEO agencies with their content, link building and outreach.

The result is a broad range of media coverage across multiple categories, including online, national, and regional publications. We regularly receive links and press coverage in some of the world’s top influential publications and platforms, such as The Telegraph, LA Times, Glamour, People, Sky News, and Huffington Post.

Cherry Digital’s Services

Our spectrum of services has evolved through years of experience to specialize in: digital public relations (harnessing the power of digital content to achieve coverage for your brand); content creation (creating rich digital assets in line with your brand’s message); and search engine optimization (SEO) (boosting your site’s online rankings and traffic).

Cherry Digital covers public relations across a broad range of topics and industries, including:

• finance

• insurance

• health

• consumer

• travel

• dating

• fashion

• beauty

• bridal

• general

• retail

About PR Pioneer

PR Pioneer is a news site dedicated to advice relating to the PR industry, tips and tricks into the digital marketing sphere, and providing readers with informative industry press releases from across the globe. The site aims to help boost brands’ SEO rankings through content; build relationships with media professionals and journalists; and build valuable backlinks to clients’ websites.

PR Pioneer creates their own innovative public relations and marketing-related news content, and offers the service of featuring your press release on the site as well. Send your relevant press releases through to the site for the change to feature as ‘Press Release of the Week’.

Cherry Digital Case Study: Security Baron Safest Cities

The Cherry Digital team carried out a campaign for Security Baron, to help generate press coverage across the U.S. and boost organic links to help increase brand awareness. Links gained were through highly authoritative news pages, including Times Online, ABC News 4, Fox 29 and News Channel 5.

Security Baron provides research into and information about the best home security options and smart home automations. Armed with data from studies conducted by Security Baron ranking the safest cities in each state, we created a press release, as well as an infographic, that depicted this data, with a particular focus on where the best places are to live and work.

The information for these rankings is based off the FBI’s 2017 and 2016 Uniform Crime Reporting data, which includes factors such as murder rate, robbery rate, assault rate, burglaries, theft and income. This information was illustrated in a list-style infographic of the scores for each state, allowing readers to compare safety scores across the country. The data revealed the safest cities in 2019 ranked by a range of categories such as population, households, violent crimes, property crimes and median income. These were amalgamated to form an overall safety score of each city out of 100.

The campaign was a real success and we achieved coverage in 300+ publications in different states across the U.S., with a focus on the acronym E.A.T in terms of web page quality. The links gained were mainly do follow links, which are traditionally considered the strongest links that can be obtained online.

Cherry Digital Case Study: BarBend Fittest Cities

The Cherry Digital team outreached a highly detailed fitness campaign across the U.S. for the world’s leading strength training resource and news outlet, The focus of the campaign was comparing fitness levels in most cities within each state across the country.

The Fittest Cities campaign comprised a comprehensive list of the fittest and least fit cities within each state, using data backed by studies based on a variety of factors, which were then combined to create an overall fitness score out of 100 for each city on the list. Fitness factors in this study included: exercise opportunities, access to healthy food, air pollution, drinking water violations, physical inactivity, obesity, and smoking, among others.

The story was a great success and achieved coverage in both national and local press. The BarBend website achieved backlinks on websites including: Msn, The Miami Herald, Patch, CBS 7, Times Free Press and The Daily Voice. The detail and local outreach of the campaign itself meant that we were able to achieve coverage in many local publications across the states in the U.S.