We created a digital marketing campaign for tech and gifts review website, GearHungry.com in order to gain backlinks and increase SEO rankings to boost brand awareness. We conducted a survey of 3,000 Americans to find out how far people are willing to travel to visit their families at Christmas, and how many opted for video calling over travelling.

This campaign was a huge success and GearHungry.com received significant coverage, including on Miami Herald, which you can check out here. Floridians, the study found, are only willing to travel a maximum of 3 ½ hours to visit their families this Christmas. Additionally, almost half of these Floridian respondents (45%) said they would be engaging in a virtual Christmas this year via video calling their family members – an increasing trend it seems.

We also constructed an interactive slideshow of the top video calling tech to get connected with your family.

Through this feature, GearHungry.com also received great coverage on msn.com

We’d call this one a digital marketing success!