Our latest campaign for Mattress Clarity on the benefits of sleep divorce featured in an online news video for USA Today.

Whether it’s due to snoring, different sleep schedules, or blanket/bed hogging, couples across America are losing out on precious Z’s due to their other half. So is a “sleep divorce” the solution? Or is not sleeping in the same bed as your partner still taboo?

Sleep product review website, Mattress Clarity, ran a national survey of 3,000 people to find out how many couples out there want to file for a sleep divorce, yet are too apprehensive about bringing up the topic with their partners.

Shockingly, the survey revealed that almost a third (30.9%) of Americans would like to sleep in a separate bed to their partner, if they felt they had the choice. And it turns out it’s not a one-sided feeling. When broken down by gender, Mattress Clarity’s survey revealed the urge for a good night’s sleep was mutual, with 31% of men and 30.8% of women admitting they’d like to sleep in separate rooms.

It was imperative to us that we achieved highly effective backlinks and brand mentions within this campaign, so putting together a press release and infographic that would meet the campaign brief and then catch the eye of strong publications was key. This feature is just one piece of coverage in a list of many that we have successfully landed for our client, helping them boost their search engine optimisation and google rankings. 

You can watch the video here