Our public relations campaign for Security Baron has been featured on Fox News!

Watch the video on foxbusiness.com here.

Online privacy is, perhaps unsurprisingly, somewhat of a hot topic at the moment…and while recently many of us might have been rushing to change our privacy settings, hide our information from anyone except our immediate family and two closest friends, or just delete Facebook altogether, it’s true that not all of us have any intention of doing so.

In fact, security based review, comparison and news site Security Baron (www.securitybaron.com) thought it would be interesting to take the pulse of what America is thinking right now, and conducted a survey of 3,000 of us to find out just how much we value our social media data – that is, how much we would sell it for, if someone offered to buy it.

And it seems you CAN put a price on privacy! $1,979.97, to be exact – that’s the average amount we would be willing to exchange our social media data for. However, Vermonters would find theirs harder to give up – they value theirs at $4,125!

The state who valued their social media data the least was West Virginia; residents would take a paltry $375 for theirs. Perhaps they don’t use sites such as Amazon or Google as much, so maybe have a lot less data which would be of interest to advertisers – or maybe they just have nothing to hide! Squarely in the middle were Oklahoma ($2,062.50) and Minnesota ($2,075), not too much more the average figure, so they probably are fairly aware of how their info could be used, but obviously not overly concerned about it!