Running Public Relations Campaigns in New York

One of the original thirteen colonies that formed the U.S., the Empire State is home to 19.45 million residents. With two fifths residing in New York City. That makes N.Y.C the most populous city in the whole of America. As an immigration gateway to the U.S., New York City has become one of, if not the most culturally diverse area in America. The state is home to some of the most influential and highly regarded media in the country. This means it is our job to create and maintain excellent relationships with journalists and publications through engaging and diverse content.

Cherry Digital has run many New York-specific public relations campaigns – we know the state well and its nuances. In fact, our study in 2019, based on 4 years of data found that the optimum day and time to send a press release in New York is 11.06am or 2.08pm on a Thursday.


Example Campaigns in New York

The team at Cherry Digital put together an engaging festive campaign for men’s interest site GearHungry. The survey asked American’s how far they’d be willing to travel to see family for Christmas. It also asked whether they would have a virtual Christmas and video call their loved ones instead. The story included an interactive tool. This allowed users to compare the best ways to keep in touch with their friends/family over the festive period. The press loved the story and it featured heavily across the U.S. – New York publication NY Daily News featured the GearHungry story!

A campaign that the team ran for online mattress review site Mattress Clarity discovered how much sleep each state was getting on average. The study found that a third of New Yorkers were surviving on 5 hours or less of sleep in the U.S. This was accompanied by an interactive infographic map of the US, which was invaluable to gain SEO backlinks for the client. The campaign featured on New York based publications such as 99.5 The River iHeart.

Below is a list of the most influential publications in New York:

1: The New York Times

Also referred to as The Times, The New York Times was founded in 1851 and boasts worldwide readership and influence. It has the largest print and digital circulation combined of any other daily newspaper in the US. It is ranked 18th in the world by circulation.

2: New York Post

This daily newspaper based in New York City also operates an entertainment site as well as a celebrity gossip site. It was established in 1801 and is a respected publication in the city.

3: El Especialito

El Especialito is enjoyed by over one million hispanic readers every week, making it the #1 Weekly publication in New York and the United States.

4: New York Daily News

Officially titled, Daily News, this publication is a newspaper based in NYC. Founded in 1919, it has recently been named the ninth most widely circulated daily newspaper in the country.

5: Metro New York

This free daily news publication is based in NYC and was launched in 2004. It has 1,461,003 unique visitors per month to its website and a circulation of 176,382.

6: amNewYork

This free daily newspaper is published in NYC and has an average Friday circulation of 335,900. amNewYork was the first free daily newspaper in New York City and was launched in 2003. Its website receives 635,999 unique monthly visitors.

7: Queens Chronicle

The Queens Chronicle is based in New York City and is a free newspaper published weekly in the neighborhood of Rego Park, Queens. It was founded in 1978 and currently has a circulation of 160,000.

8: Queens Tribune

Based in Whitstone, Queens, this publication is a free weekly newspaper published in 1970. The Queens Tribune is past of the New York Press Association and has a circulation of 90,000.

9: Catholic New York

Catholic New York is the largest Catholic newspaper of its kind in the US and the official news source of the Archdiocese of New York City. Bi-weekly, it covers reports on the news and activities of the Catholic Church here.

10: Caribbean Life

Caribbean Life targets the vast concentration of Caribbean Americans in New York City, covering local news about politics, sports, arts and culture.  

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