Teamwork under isolation. COVID-19 has caused a lot of people to work from home. Trying to manage a team during self isolation can be extremely difficult. One of the main difficulties in maintaining the same level of work ethic as an office environment. Trying to produce the same level of work while everyone is cooped up in their houses can be a nightmare!

There are few tactics you can employ as a team leader to maintain an excellent standard of work. Firstly, it is always good to encourage your team to try their absolute best to make sure the objectives of the organizations are achieved. Be sure to make your team feel connected durign self-isolation with constant reminders of pulling together as a team during this global pandemic. Encourage team spirit and provide gently reminders of the current situation the organization is in.

More often than not, productivitiy is increased when people feel part of family. This is because they genuinely want their ‘family’ to do well. Check in on your team regularly throughout the day, and check to see if they are havinf difficulty with any tasks. Try to motivate your team to help each other as much as they possible can. Some times certain tesm players are reluctant to admit that they are having difficulties and this could be intensified when working from home.


Creating objectives.

Creating objectives for your team is super important because it reminds them that they are in fact still working. Be explicit with the goals they are meant to achieve and try to divide the duties amongst the team. This way everyone is pulling their weight and the rest of the team ins’t overwhelmed. Set these objectives in the beginning of the week and be clear with the deadlines of these objectives or task. Also creating a sense of routine is very important. Working without a set routine decreases productive because people in your team will have no urgency or inclination to work. Encouraging a routine will also create a healthy work enviroment for members of your team. Some team members will feel inclined to over work themselves and not prioritize their personal time. This does not promote productivity as your team will burn out mid-week. 


Encourage work out routines.

Encourage your team to try work out routines during their breaks as it will stimulate their minds and bodies. Working from home can be difficult because you can be stuck in one position the entire day and that could make anyone feel lethargic. So drop a few work out routines in the group chat and encourage them to do a few stretches here and there. You wil be surprised what a few good stretches could do for the mind and body.

Create a culture of trust within your team because this will allowed them to work at their best. No one wants to work in an environment filled with hostility and distrust. Ensuring your team that you trust them will encourage them to want to work and be productive. Maintaining positivity is another useful tactic to employ as your team members will be in good spirits and keen to log in and start working. Work can be stressful in general so if the work environment is healthy and positive then workers will enjoy working to distract themselves from the current global pandemic.