Social media monitoring has become extremely important with the current pandemic affecting the world. Social media tracking allows businesses to respond to their audience, clients and customers in timely manner. The current global pandemic has caused pandemonium with people trying to stock up on as much as they can. This is the time for brands to really engage with their clients/customers. Also to engage any question, queries or concerns they might have with stock levels and availability.


Social Media Monitoring

In the early days broadcasting and telecommunications, radio stations as well as television stations had monitors. In the age of social media it’s no surprise that brands have integrated monitoring into social media. Many people confuse social media monitoring with social media listening. The difference between the two is the former consists of providing immediate customer support. The latter is a more passive way of collecting data/information to shape the marketing strategy of the brand.

Social Media for brands.

According to a study conducted by Sprout, 47% of consumers utilize social media apps for the purpose of inquiring about certain products/brands. This shows that many consumers actually use social media to reach out to brands and find out more about products. This further reinforces why brands should invest in social media monitoring. The study conducted by the company surveyed consumers for the purpose of understanding why brands should employ social media monitoring as part of their strategy.

Sprout also reported that about 31% of consumers reach out to brands to provide suggestions for how the brand can improve. This provides brands with invaluable consumer knowledge and what people want to see and buy. More often than not, consumers have a better understanding of what certain products are good for. Even more than the brand. Social media monitoring allows for a quick glimpse at how consumers are reacting to products and how the brand can improve customer service. Younger people are more active on social media. They not only want to be heard but also want to be supported.


Responding to customer concerns.

Sprout also discovered 21% of consumers are more likely to purchase products from brands that respond to customer concerns and give great customer support online. About 56% of consumers unfollow brands on social media because of poor customer service. 29% unfollow brands because they ignore posts and mentions from consumers.


Positive reviews.

Sprout also reported that 59% of consumers said they reach out to brands to share positive reviews of products or thank the brand. This provides the brand an opportunity to share these authentic positive reviews. Only 40% of consumers said they reach out because of a negative experience. This shows that more consumers want to engage with brands for the purpose of showing and receiving support. The study conducted by Sprout shows that it would be extremely beneficial for brands to invest in social media monitoring. The current state of the world, social media monitoring is needed now more than ever.