Tennesseans among most tolerant when it comes to neighbors’ political yard signs. 

Our latest survey for ShieldCo looked at the opinions of Americans on their neighbors’ political yard signs. This particular SEO and digital public relations campaign was a great success across US media, and featured in the publication USA Today! 

1 in 3 Americans Irritated By Their Neighbors’ Political Yard Signs

It may feel as though the 2016 presidential campaign yard signs have just come down, but we’re already starting to see clusters of new signs crop up as we approach the mid-terms later this year. The upcoming elections will not only shape the future of Donald Trump’s presidency, but also the country’s political landscape for the foreseeable future – so it’s no surprise that some people want to make their views known. But unfortunately, as with politics, not everyone shares the same view when it comes to yard signs. With that in mind, leading custom business signage and décor company, ShieldCo, decided to conduct a survey of 3,000 Americans to find out exactly what we think about yard signs, and in particular, our neighbors’ signs… Quite shockingly, ShieldCo’s survey revealed that 30.4% of Americans – nearly 1 in 3 – would be irritated if their neighbour put up a political yard sign.

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